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For Harry

Dry Riesling
refined power and length, elegantly dry

Every now & then, in quiet little pockets, Nature smiles & gives birth to the best she can do. So it was in the vineyard of Neil Paulett on Polish Hill, SA early this year 2015 when Riesling grapes reached perfection. Mill Creek Vineyard was fortunate to secure a small portion of these & then to finish the wine. Careful hygiene in the winery & minimal grape intervention was my plan, to let the fine character of these beautiful grapes with their fellow traveller wild yeasts & some selected strains, have their way. In cold ferment conditions, this promising brew carried itself to completion. The resulting drop has remarkable integrity, a bright, zingy structure wrapped round a core of flinty acidity. All the promise of ones “first good sniff” is amplified & satisfied by its handsome structure. The wine will lift any occasion, is loyal to its origin, exciting in its honesty & carries a delightful ease that can lead to singing with prolonged use. Just like Harry Fleming, its namesake.

Henry David Fleming November, 1932 — April, 2015