Say Hello to Helen Gillard.

Natural, elegant and always appropriately chilled.

In 1993 & in her early 50’s Helen confronted two conflicting wishes:

. To continue the job she loved as a science teacher in the city

. To satisfy a longing for the Australian bush, its peace and its abandon.

Determined searching unearthed a gem that could do both.

It was an hour from work, a secluded 15 acre patch of an old dairy, on volcanic soil, protected beneath the escarpment of Peppers Mountain & bounded by pristine Mill Creek. It was wooded land 10 km N of Stroud edging the Hunter Valley, NSW.

A small house needed to be built, then a vineyard thought about and planted. Its first grapes for wine harvested 2002. The good bit, how to enjoy wine she’d thrown herself into for years. Now how to make that good drop became the obsession.

Mill Creek Vineyard now offers premium Shiraz, Semillon and specialty wines dependent on whims of the season.